When a young person talks about love and relationship with this level of glow and certainty, it represents a valuable source of inspiration.

“Antonio and I have actually met two times. The first time was during the night out with our common friend. While I was on a night out with few of my girlfriends we came across another friend of ours, in Antonio’s company. He introduced us right away, but we didn’t talk much. One year after, I’ve had another night out, this time with one girlfriend only, and after just two minutes of dancing I’ve turned around and my friend was already dancing with some handsome guy. I stood aside with a drink in my hand when funny thing happened. Antonio slowly approached, offering me another drink. I asked him what that drink was, and he said it was Jack Daniels with coke. I’ve told him I don’t like that drink. He asked me: “Fine, what do you want to drink then“ and I’ve said without even thinking: “I would like travarica — herb schnapps“. He gave me a bit strange look, but went to get my schnapps right away. We had a toast and then continued dancing till my friend said it is time to go to another club. He sent me a friend request the next day and after two weeks of texting we agreed we should meet again. I wasn’t really interested at first, since we’ve met at a club, and that is by definition something you should not get your hopes up with, but after spending a whole day with him I’ve realized I really liked him. We could talk about absolutely anything, there was no awkward silence at any moment..."

...he lived in Zagreb, where he went to college, and we continued texting and seeing each other on weekends until one day he said I meant him a lot and that he would like me to be his girlfriend. It was 24th March, and I’ve said yes. It was hard at the beginning, with him living in Zagreb, and me in Rijeka, but somehow it worked because we ”clicked“ right away. Even when we fought, there was never mention of break up or anything like that. Somewhere along the way I’ve realized the distance was never a problem between us. When you have the right person beside you it’s clear that everything always sets the right way. When I’ve met him I was quite skeptic and distrusting with boys, so I’m really glad that I’ve decided to give myself and another person a chance to be taken away by the moment. He is irreplaceable, he has never held me back, just the opposite, I’ve known nothing but a great support when I’m with him. The love between us is the only thing that’s important. No matter what obstacles life gets you, sacrifices you face on the way, being it the long distance, or sometimes countless college obligations, it only matters we understand each other and support one another’s life interests. Soon we’re moving in together, and we will get to live every day as we have always wanted during this wonderful three years. I fear nothing, not even living in a big city, because I’m certain in what we have. I know he’s not just my boyfriend, but also my best friend.” says Kristina. 

The photos were made at Grobnik aeroport. It was obvious because Antonio is army pilot. I really enjoyed this shooting and I hope that Kristina and Antonio stay beautiful as they are! 

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