“Our story begins on a day I flew to England to be an au pair for 6 months. I never in my wildest dreams would think I will end up living there. On the first day of my work, looking after 3 little monkeys (children), I took them to a tennis lesson. And there he was! I just fell in love with him instantly. Because of my ‘shy’ nature, I spent a couple of months with a secret crush on him. When one day my host mum came home saying-omg my tennis coach is so hot! I was like-“is his name Joe?” And it was! In the next few months my host mum was desperately trying to get me to send him a message whilst the kids were constantly pulling my leg about it. And then one day I decided I will do it! It was just over two months before I had to go back to Croatia to finish my studies-it was basically now or never. From that message on-it’s like the puzzle all came together. Joe was happy to meet for a drink (even though it was 2nd of Jan, and we were both still hungover from NYE). We instantly clicked and started a relationship. It felt like a fairytale! We had only two months to get to know each other, and then it was my time to leave. It was hard to leave him just when usual relationships start to get more and more intense and interesting. We kept on going with skype, whatssapp, visiting each other in both Croatia and London… We survived, and then I knew I needed to come back to London to be with him. After six months we were finally back together! From then on our journey continues - we are a happy couple riding the ups and downs in this crazy little world.” said Ivona.

When I booked ticket to London I knew I had to find a couple that I would photograph while I am traveling. The search was not easy, but after a couple of months Ivona finally came across. I’m very glad that she came across because we clicked right away. I spent five days in London and only on the day when we arranged shooting started raining. But that was not a problem either. We laughed a lot, mingled and exchanged experiences. I am delighted that I could capture the love between this wonderful couple. And yes I am in love with London and London streets!

It was my pleasure that I could photograph these two love birds!

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