Sanjin and I have met on one ordinary Wednesday seven years ago at one „ordinairy“ salsa party, which was „my thing“ on weekly basis that summer. I remember that day like it was yesterday. Everything was as usual, I went for work in the morning, and later for a swim on island Krk. The only thing that was different is that on that day in particular, I didn’t feel like going to salsa party, which I usually didn’t miss. My mind was already set for a date with the TV, but my friends have won the tampering battle and after a quick dress up (I decided to go with white dress combination, which is important for the rest of the story), I rushed out of the house and set off for Opatija, as I was already late.  We were walking to the dance floor when my look fled across the street and I saw this wonderful guy laughing with his friends. Our eyes have met, and it was a powerful, unusual moment, much stronger than some of those random cases when your eyes accidentally meet stranger’s eyes in the street. I guess it was, what they say – „a love at the first sight“. 

I didn’t have a clue where he was going at the time I could just hope he was going to the same place as I did. And so it was, a few minutes after we arrived to the party I saw him. I firmly squeezed my friend’s arm saying: I’m telling you this so you know later, I really like this guy over there, I know something’s going to happen between us“. I’ve said it more as a joke, but five minutes later her leg was panicky pushing mine as a sign that he was coming toward us. I’m not sharing his pick up line, but it really got at the moment. After 10 minute talk we exchanged phone numbers and went back to hang out with our friends, occasionally looking and smiling at each other. J We arranged our first date right next morning, and after meeting I’ve could already imagine him as my future boyfriend. We „clicked“ right away, talking was nice and easy, and we let the things go their way. He told me that the salsa party, where we’ve met, was a totally random decision he made that day, and he’s never done that before. He also described our first look as something strong, almost as he also knew he needs to meet me after our eyes had randomly met. A month after our first meeting we became a couple, and 7 years after that, on island Hvar, we engaged. 

On our engagement day he said he’s taking me to dinner, and I decided to wear a long white dress. I’ve concluded that important dates in my life are followed by white color outfit combinations.  I didn’t have a clue where he was taking me, and when we arrived to the restaurant I was dazzled by the ambient. A waiter smiled to us from little bamboo house with perfectly set table for two and a stunning view of the sunset coloring the nearby beach. I was really pleasantly surprised. I asked him to take my picture and in moment I’ve turned around he pulled out the little box with a ring and with a few wonderful words asked me the „big question“. I won’t tell you the details but I can say I was really overwhelmed by his romantic movie style. We were so excited we couldn’t eat, but we had no problem drinking the whole bottle of champagne.  There’s plenty of lovely details to this story, but it’s hard to describe all the emotions, so it’s better to keep them in our minds and hearts… 


Like a cherry on top of this year, we had a random photo session with Andrea. It happened in December, snow was falling at Trsat’s castle illuminated by a thousand lights, and there was lovely Andrea. We were a bit nervous at start, since it was our very first professional shooting, but it all ended great, with laughs, hundreds of beautiful emotions and most wonderful photos. J If this year gets to be as half as magical as the last one it will be great. I would recommend Andrea for everyone, she knows how to motivate, relax, make people smile and get the very best of the moment when taking photos. I’ve already started telling my „in relationship“ friends that they should definitely take one casual couple photo session as a light preparation for the „big day“.

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