“We have met at the local coffee shop, Goran was sitting there with his friends, they looked like they were having fun, so I thought it was a good idea to join them. And of course I was right, in a pleasant company the night passed in an blink of an eye, and we realized that we live in the same city, althrough we’ve never met before. After that night we became inseparable friends, we went everywhere together – out on weekends, roadtrips, walks on the beach… I’ve always felt special connection with him and thought he would be the perfect boyfriend but it didn’t occur to me right away that he could be – my boyfriend. After three years of friendship we realized that there’s something more going on, and we became a couple. Eight years has passed since then and we still fall asleep every night holding each other’s hand.” says Tea!

The photos were made on Platak, a ski resort near Rijeka. It was so cold, -7 degrees, but Tea, Goran & Ajs did a great job! On the way back the sky gave us most beautiful sunset, it was magical! Thank you for freezing dear people!

It was my pleasure that I could photograph these two love birds!

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