“When I saw this venue I immediately fell in love and I had to capture some emotions here. Even if it is raining!” 

Barbara and Robin are delightful young couple. They have been together for two years, and they met singing in the same choir. At first they were not aware of each other. But a music trip changed that. Love for music started their love. It is immediately seen that they are crazy in love each other. 

Oh, romance! 

The photos were made at beautiful “Maple Valley”-Javorova Dolina in Hlevci. We were warmly welcomed by host Zrinka who told us a few words about the venue and showed us the main house. “Maple Valley” is perfect in every way. You can have an elopement here or a traditional family wedding. The main house is equipped with a wine cellar with billiard table and a beautiful lounge for hanging with friends and family. It also has a newlyweds room with a beautiful view. If you look around you will see a beautiful forest that has the scent of history. The venue consists several more houses where you can accommodate your loved ones. Also, if you take a walk you will find a lot of beutiful corners perfect for enjoyment. The venue is in the middle of Gorski Kotar only thirty minutes from Rijeka and an hour from Zagreb. Truly the perfect place for the most beautiful moments of your life. 

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