Bartola and Ibrahim are a wonderful Croatian Nigerian couple. They met in Istanbul through friends at a party. They have been together since 2012, six and a half years. They married in Nigeria and celebrated their love in Selce (Croatia). I liked the idea that they wore their folk costumes. Bartola was wearing her ceremonial costume from Selce called Šurka which is 120 years old and Ibrahim is in his Nigerian ceremonial outfit named Kaftan. They decided to marry in traditional clothes because they said that they are from different continents, country, culture, and religion and wanted to show that as far as they come from a different world, they are proud of their love despite their differences. They looked beautiful together. 

Photos were made in Selce in its small stone streets and on the beautiful sandy beach of Tunar. I wish them all the happiness of the world!

It was my pleasure that I could photograph these two love birds!

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