Bogica & Marin

„We know one another our whole life, we went to the same elementary school, but we didn’t actually -know- each other for real untill about 6 years ago. One of his best friends dated my best friend back at the time. We had many common friends, so there was a lot of meetings by chance on regular basis. Funny thing is we never actually noticed one another untill my friend, his friend’s sister had a birthday party. We started a conversation and it lasted for hours, everyone else in the room was thinking that we know each other damn well, if you know what I mean. Wherever I went, he followed, and maybe at the moment, it was funny to the others, but not to me. After that day we became very close friends. We were on the phone every day, and knew things about one another that no one else in the world knew. We were like a hand in the glove. Everyone around us thought and wanted us to be a couple, but no, we were firmly holding to an idea of us being friends and nothing else. Until one day, we didn’t. So after six months of close friendship we decided that we absolutely cannot be just friends and here we are, after five and a half wonderful years, we still jump on each others’s head. „ – says Bogica. 

These photos were made on the highest peak of Nature Park Učka, at sunset. In spite of very cold weather, it was really fun to photograph Bogica and Marin, and given this opportunity, I want to thank them for their patience, for freezing on the cold mountain top, and of course, good times! 


“We are not that couple that likes to take pictures on any occasion except when we travel. When we met Andrea at Učka we where really nervous. But soon, we saw that there is no room for nervousness. Andrea is really friendly and whit quite nice personality. And… did I mentioned extremely talented?! The one thing that we didn’t want is to be a picture with no emotions. That was our main concern. At soon as we saw the pictures we where blown away. We never thought that pictures can even nearly show how we feel about each other but Andrea has this magic eye for that! Eye for emotions and moment. You can say that she is making photo magic. It’s really difficult for us to pick our favorite picture because we love them all!!!” Bogica & Marin

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