I had the opportunity to photograph this wonderful couple during my vacation on the beautiful Long Island, Croatia. Magdalena and Tim are from Switzerland. They have been dating for four years, since high school. For the first time they spoke at the Rose Festival, making their story even more romantic. Half year later they started dating. Both are studying Law. They love to travel together, they are explorers and they are sharing love for cooking. Photos were made while most beautiful  sun setting I saw at the lighthouse Veli Rat. It would be great wedding venue! I want them a lot of years together and lot of happiness. They are both wonderful people!


“First of all, it was an unforgettable experience. We really did not expect meeting Andrea. She completely surprised us. We are very grateful for this adventure. We are glad that she convinced us to stay one more night in Dugi Otok. At first we were a bit shy when she told us about her incredible idea. Anyway, we have been very curious about the photoshoot thanks to the great communication over facebook. Luckily our host recommended Andrea to us. All left concerns evaporated on the day of the shooting.Thanks to the sympathetic humor of Andrea and her nice friend. They‘ve created a very pleasant atmosphere. When we had no idea what poses we should take, Andrea always had a lot of creative ideas. She is a very open minded person, we had many interesting conversations. But most important to mention is that she worked extremely professionally. We could feel the passion, joy and as well lots of hard work she’s committing to her work. The photos were incredible. This was definitely one of the highlights of our vacation. Great cooperation, absolutely symphatetic, set up people and great pictures! What more do you want? We can only recommend Andrea and look forward to getting in touch with her again. Nice that we have met you!” Magdalena & Tim

It was my pleasure that I could photograph these two love birds!

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