"After launching my Instagram account and posting first photos of my Fortress of Klis photoshooting, near Split, in the land of the Game of Thrones, to my tremendous surprise, praises, comments and offers for collaboration have started. In this mass of Instagram folks, I was particularly impressed by the style of Andrea, wedding photographer from Rijeka. Then I did not know her yet. I knew I would love to have her in my team on my next project. And you know, I'm such a girl, when I terribly want something, I usually get or do it. So, after a few messages, I finally met her in March 2019. There she was, on the location of our inspirational photo shooting in Novo mesto. Probably she never even thought she would shoot in Novo mesto. Even me, a girl from Split, who has been living near Novo mesto for four years now, honestly, never thought that something in this town would make me as happy as this 200 year old, newly renovated house in the very center of town. After I saw the photo of the renovated local, by accident, I thought it would be nice to set something here. You know, now I'm in a phase when I see or seek inspiration everywhere, in order to show off a little bit"...says Ana Marija from A'marie Events

"The moment the owner asked me to have some coffee in her white, industrial styled office, was the moment when the ideas started to come up. Right then I got the whole picture in my head and soon I came back to present my idea about decorating and styling. Thank God there are people who understand us, entrepreneurs with a pronounced sense of creativity and aesthetics J (read the artists). Although we all do it, decorating is not just about making stage sets, it's not about making pretty pictures for Instagram, it's really about creating a beauty that nourishes a soul. Once, you have a great idea and you feel the space, harmony is achieved. I think that if you want to create something extraordinary, your hapiness must be hidden in the smalest detail. I found an inspiration in the game of white, light mole, warmth of wood, glass and gold notes – which exude an industrial yet romantic vibes that perfectly match with this gorgeous place. So in love with those white walls, really old white wooden doors that carry weight of concrete ceilings."

"Ana. Not to forget to mention that beautiful person I met when looking for some artist who will understand my idea of ​​my graphic design (logo), who will understand my sense of beauty, precision, creativity - the one who will enter my head and transfer it to the paper. Soon we were talking about floral decorations I had imagined for my first photoshooting in Split. You know that feeling when you click with someone and that's it. In the world of the wedding industry there are a lot of great suppliers. Really. It is the art, a skill to be able to feel what a clients want in order to connect them with a right supplier. While some wedding planners have their own circle of suppliers, I prefer to have as many contacts as possible in order to be able to offer 'that something' to each couple. Though, It's true that some of your suppliers just get under your skin ... And that's fine. Ooo it is so fine. "

"The real challenge was to find a great couple or at least a bride. After several failures, I remembered Špela, a beautiful, nice mom of little Teo who goes to kindergarten with my Aleks. She was very interested and enthusiastic about the idea, since she has never dressed a wedding dress before. Check the photos. Isn't she stunning? Who would have thought she had never posed before in her life? She was very patient, tirelessly walking in the high heels and listening to any pose instructions.  Špelajoined 4 bridesmaids that looked beautiful in slip on dresses by Studio Grayfrom Osijek. A simple, seductive cut and pastel tones of pink salmon, rose gold,rose-gray and pink shades. This is the second time I had Ivana's dresses, fromStudio Gray on my project. We have started a pleasant collaboration after she accepted my proposition to be a partof my boho inspirational photoshooting. As she said, she really liked my workand offered me her help on my next project. And there she was again, preparinganother five dresses for the next styled shooting. I believe that all of youwedding planners out there, you would agree that we are masters ofimprovisation! If it's not out there, and you want it - yust create it! Tocreate something extraordinary, your mindset must be focused on the smallestdetail. And without a great team of professionals – you are alone! Missionimmposible."

Stay tuned for more inspirational projects. And a lot of pampas grass!


"As always, it did not go all the way. Apart from a few difficulties - such as finding a perfect carpet which matches my standards of beauty, such that costs a couple of thousand euros and a rental for a one day costs 100 euros and more... and a few difficulties before the shooting, I have to admit that I have sincerely enjoyed the fruits of my work. I would dare to say that I was expecting to have a lot more work, however, Andrea did it all perfectly, as if someone had taken down my responsibilities, my check list from one shoulder. She set up, motivated, animated, and tirelessly sought out new ideas, streets, windows, and magical nooks in the Novo mesto. I think the photos speak for themselves. I just can't get enough. That feeling when you realize all the craziness was worthwhile, when someone sents you epic photos? Know that feeling?" ...says Ana Marija 


Planning and deco: A'marie Events

Flowers and menu tabs: OblikovAna

Dresses: Gray by Ivana Čizmadija

Hair: Studio Simona

Makeup: Ines Makeup

Suit: S'Oliver Black Label

Wedding cakes: Špela

Other: Urban Design Group, Hiša vizij, Chair4you, Kredenca

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