"We are together for nine and half years already. We are partners, but above all we are best friends. We have gone through good and bad as two people standing next to each other and gotten to know each other better than maybe some people do in a lifetime. A few months ago we got engaged after two failed engagement attempts. Not because she said no, but because she did not know that he was not joking. The third time is always a charm. Our whole relationship is exactly like that. Filled with emotions and spontaneous events and definitely not a cliché… Life gives you things unexpectedly and different people come and go. It is important to choose the right people during that small period of time we are given. Even if you don’t realize that on time, if it is meant to be, they will choose you in the end."


It was the first time someone was taking pictures of our intimate moments such as these, so on the day of the shooting we were pretty nervous. We were thinking about what to wear and how we were going to look in the pictures. When we met Andrea on the top of Učka, the nervousness disappeared in a second. She is such a relaxed and funny, easygoing and talented person and even though we were posing, she managed to catch some very spontaneous moments. We love all the pictures and hopefully we will work together again some time. Thank you Andrea! 

It was my pleasure that I could photograph these two love birds!

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