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A little bit about me 

A profound passion for weddings fuels my commitment to the craft. I hold a deep appreciation for the unparalleled purity of emotions that unfolds during these momentous occasions. My dedication to my art propels me to continuously explore and experiment with novel techniques, constantly evolving and enhancing my approach to photography.

With a fervent desire to encapsulate the essence of your significant day, I invite you to entrust me with the responsibility of capturing not only the grandeur of the event but also the intimate and genuine love shared between you two. Allow me to be the conduit through which your unique story is immortalized in timeless and exquisite imagery.

The creative behind the camera...

My dedicated pursuit as a photographer is centered on capturing the timeless essence of your most cherished moments. Specializing in authentic photography, my objective is to immortalize those genuine and heartfelt interactions between you and your loved ones. Beyond the ceremonial events, it is during the intimate post-ceremony moments when familial congratulations and expressions of love transpire that the true depth of life unfolds.

These instances, characterized by genuine emotion, heartfelt congratulations, and the warmth of familial embraces, are the very embodiment of life's most priceless moments.

Through my lens, I aspire to craft images that transcend the ordinary and capture the profound beauty inherent in these unscripted and authentic exchanges. It is my sincere commitment to deliver photographs that stand the test of time, preserving the significance of these precious life moments for generations to come.


I cannot speak more highly about working with Andrea! Not only is Andrea a true professional who takes the most stunning photos, she has a wonderful energy and presence, and it was a joy to spend time with her during our wedding weekend. We had the opportunity to get to know Andrea during our engagement shoot about 9 months ahead of the wedding, and it felt like seeing an old friend when we saw her again for the wedding weekend. We just finished putting together our wedding album, and my husband can’t stop exclaiming over how wonderful the photos are. Andrea captured the spirit of so many fun, celebratory & emotional moments - memories we’ll cherish forever. If you’re looking for an amazing photographer for your wedding or for anything really, look no further!! 

If you have any other question, please feel free to send me a message!